Join The Team

Our mission at My Statement is to empower others! One of the many ways we seek to fulfill this mission is by giving creators the avenue to create.  

My are excited to announce our My Statement Creator Team. By joining this team you are able to make money from your designs by selling them on Tshirts, bags, jackets, pillows and so much more. There are a couple different ways to join the team. 

1. Sell your design - 

By selling your design you are selling My Statement the right to distribute your art and collect the profit without any compensation from profits. The price of the sell will vary depending upon the design. Please note, not all designs submitted will be accepted to buy.

2. Partnership -

My Statement will partner with you on selling your design where you will make a profit off each sell made. There are different leves to partnering and different qualifications. 

1st level: you send us the designs and we will sell them online 

2nd level: if you have over 15 designs you will qualify for your own feature page